Quotes about Matthias Seuffert

"I [...] was equally impressed with his abilities as a soloist on several instruments, as well as the authenticity of arrangements of material in the earlier jazz traditions."
(Edward Berger, Jazz Writer (Benny Carter - A Life In American Music) and Associate Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies, Newark, July 2000)

"In the event, Seuffert´s presence turned out to be a magic catalyst, with the duets between him and George proving to be some of the most enjoyable live jazz I have ever heard. [...] all the hallmarks of a great jazz clarinetist were there."
(Coventry Evening Telegraph, April 2002)

"He´s one of the best."
(Eddie Davis, New York City, USA, Resonator magazine, 2001)

"[...] impressive guests that night were [...] tenor saxophonist Matthias Seuffert, whose fat, full-throated tone reminded me of Coleman Hawkins."
(Tommy Sancton commenting on the Ascona Jazz Festival 2002)

"[...] he improvises within and beyond his original inspirations."
(IAJRC Journal, Winter 2002/2003)

"Seine Soli sind inspiriert und ausdrucksvoll. [...] Weltklassiker wie "Body And Soul", "Yesterdays" oder "And The Angels Swing" wirken da wie aus einem Guss - eine absolut überzeugende Vorstellung."
(General-Anzeiger Bonn, Januar 2004)

" [...] the prize of play must go to Matthias Seuffert, whose clarinet artistry surpasses even that of such other European players as [...]. Just listen to his miraculous interplay with Gill on "I'm Gonna Gitcha," not to mention the dozens of other instances where his unfailing inventiveness, precise arpeggiations, and soaring sound propel the band forward."
(Jack Sohmer, Mississippi Rag, CD-review of Pam Pameijer´s Jazz Wizards: The Music Of Louis Armstrong, Vol. 1, Stomp Off CD 1350)

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