Matthias Seuffert is internationally considered one of the most versatile jazz clarinetists and saxophonists. His stylistic range covers early jazz and swing through to bebop. On the international jazz scene, he is a popular and much sought after soloist, ensemble player and arranger. He has performed concerts and recorded CDs together with some of the best jazz players on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

Born 1971 near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, he discovered his love for jazz at a very early age. After classical musical education on both clarinet and piano, he won several youth prizes and received the Prix Sidney d´Or in France 1992. During 2002 and 2003 he lived in England to work as saxophone-lecturer at the jazz department of Trinity College of Music, London, and to play on the British jazz scene. He translates influences of such diverse players as Johnny Dodds, Buddy de Franco, Coleman Hawkins, Benny Golson, Benny Carter and Charlie Parker into his own creative, bluesy style. Due to his qualities as a soloist and ensembleplayer, he was invited to take part in numerous recording sessions with top-musicians, e.g. in the USA, England, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

Since his return from England, he regularly performs together with French top-trumpeter Patrick Artero and the newly formed Artero-Seuffert Quintett. For several years, he has been co-leading the European Blue Rhythmakers together with the British pianist Keith Nichols. He is the featured soloist on the CD "Reeds Write" by the Trevor Richards Classic Jazz Trio (May 2002), where he interprets 20 compositions of influential historical jazz reed players from Alcide Nunez to John Coltrane. Several of his concerts were broadcast by TV and radio stations. His output includes diverse compositions (jazz material and film music) and arrangements, most recently for the newly formed Buck Clayton Legacy Band, which he co-leads with British jazz-writer and bassist Alyn Shipton.

Musicians and bands he has worked with include Harry Allen (ts/USA), Scott Robinson (saxes/USA), Dan Barrett (tb,tp/USA), Jon-Erik Kellso (tp/USA), Marty Grosz (g/USA), Tom Baker (co/tb/reeds/AUS), Wendell Brunious (tp/USA), Bent Persson (tp/S), René Hagmann (tb,tp,reeds/S), Keith Nichols (p/UK), Trevor Richards (dr/UK), Alyn Shipton (sb/UK), Norman Emberson (dr/UK), Alan Barnes (reeds/UK), Marc Richard (reeds/F), Nicolas Montier (saxes/F), Stan Lafferière (p,dr/F), Philippe Baudoin (p/F), Irakli (tp/F), Rossano Sportiello (p/I), Joep Peeters (p,vib,as/NL), Frank Roberscheuten (reeds/NL), Frans Sjöström (bass-sax/S), Jens Lindgren (tb/S), Ulf Johannson-Werre (p,tb/S), David Boeddinghaus (p/USA), Keith Smith (tp/UK), Oscar Klein (tp/A), Charly Antolini (dr/A), Chris Hopkins (p/D), Bernd Lhotzky (p/D), Thilo Wagner (p/D), Gregor Beck (dr/D), European Swing All Stars (EUR), Buck Clayton Legacy Band (UK,F,D), Miss Lulu White´s Red Hot Creole Jazz Band (NL), the Barrelhouse Jazzband (D), Keith Nichols´ Blue Devils Orchestra (UK), the Pasadena Roof Orchestra (UK), the Chicago Footwarmers (D), Jacobi´s Bottomland Orchestra (D), Pameijer´s New Jazz Wizards (USA), the Frank Muschalle Trio (D/A), the Matchbox Bluesband (D), the Matthias Seuffert Trio and Quartett (D) and the Artero-Seuffert-Quintett (F/D).

Concert performances at the following festivals/concert halls/venues:
Festivals: Libertyville (USA), Keswick (UK), Oslo (NOR), Stockholm (S), Göteborg (S), Marciac (F), St. Raphael (F), Ascona (SUI), Einsiedeln (SUI), Breda (NL), Keckemet (HUNG), Bingen (D), Plön (D), Kempten (D), Idar-Oberstein (D), Selm (D), Rheingau (D)
Concert halls/Venues: Cajun (New York, USA), Queen Elisabeth Hall (London, UK), Lionel Hampton Jazzclub (Paris, F), Nalen (Stockholm, S), Alte Oper (Frankfurt a. M., D), Tonhalle (Düsseldorf, D), Theater am Aegi (Hannover, D)

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