The following recent Cds featuring Matthias Seuffert are currently available:

Norman Field & Matthias Seuffert - The Chalumeau Serenaders
Percolatin´ Blues
Stomp Off CD 1394, recorded in London, 1.,2. and 11.4.03
Musicians: Norman Field (cl, as), Matthias Seuffert (cl, as, ts), Keith Nichols (p, voc), Martin Wheatley (g, bjo, voc), Jim Ydstie (sb), Richard Pite (sb), Malcolm Sked (bb), Nick Ward (dr), Thomas "Spats" Langham (voc)

1. Grandpa´s Spells
2. Hungry Blues
3. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
4. Doin´ The New Lowdown
5. Creole Rhapsody
6. (What Are You Waiting For) Mary ?
7. Grenadilla Blues
8. Tee-Us For Two
9. Maori (A Samoan Dance)
10. Percolatin´ Blues
11. Sugar
12. Sunny Disposish
13. Wild Man Blues
14. I Like That
15. I´d Love It
16. Blues In Thirds
17. Okay, Baby



The Trevor Richards Classic Jazz Trio and Quartet: Reeds Write, Vol. 1
NOJP CD-7, recorded in Frankfurt a. M., 6.-8. and 14.05.02.
Musicians: Trevor Richards (dr), Matthias Seuffert (cl, as, ts), Simon Holliday (p) plus guest Frank Roberscheuten* (cl, as, ts)

1. Darnell Howard: Bush Street Scramble
2. Benny Carter: Evening Star
3. Tony Parenti: Crawfish Crawl
4. Don Byas: What Do You Want With My Heart?
5. Louis Jordan: But I´ll Be Back*
6. Barney Bigard: Clouds In My Heart
7. Larry Shields: Satanic Blues*
8. Don Redman: No One Else But You
9. Coleman Hawkins: Devotion
10. Omer Simeon: Qua-Ti Blues
11. Jimmy Dorsey: Oodles Of Noodles
12. Artie Shaw: Hop, Skip And Jump
13. Buster Bailey: Call Of The Delta
14. Bud Freeman: That D Minor Thing*
15. Buddy de Franco: Finegan´s Walk
16. Johnny Dodds: Indigo Stomp
17. Albert Burbank: Lucky Me*
18. John Coltrane: Giant Steps
19. Alcide Nunez: Summer Days
20. Tom Baker: Grafton Blues*



The Blue Rhythmakers: Toogaloo Shout
Stomp Off CD1373, recorded in London, 16. - 18.10.01
Musicians: Bent Persson (tp), René Hagmann (tb), Matthias Seuffert (cl, as, ts), Keith Nichols (p, voc), Martin Wheatley (g, bjo), Frans Sjöström (bass-s), Nick Ward (dr)

1. Poison
2. Come On, Coot, Do That Thing
3. Whisper Sweet
4. Cuttin´ Up
5. Take It Easy
6. Somebody Loves Me
7. Toogaloo Shout
8. Rainbow Dreams
9. Once Upon A Time
10. Ragging The Scale
11. The Man From The South
12. I´m Coming Virginia
13. Thou Swell
14. Blues With A Feeling
15. Manhattan Rag
16. Jamaica Shout
17. Gambling Jack
18. Good Time Flat Blues
19. Rampart Street Blues
20. Can´t We Get Together?



"Pam" Pameijer´s New Jazz Wizards
Remember Johnny Dodds Vol. 1 ... featuring Matthias Seuffert
Stomp Off CD 1382, recorded in Hartford, CT, USA, 25. und 26.5.01
Musicians: Jon-Erik Kellso (co), Matthias Seuffert (cl), Jim Snyder (tb), David Boeddinghaus (p), Martin Wheatley (g, bjo), Tom Saunders (sb, bb), C. H. "Pam" Pameijer (dr, wsb)

1. Bull Fiddle Blues
2. Joe Turner Blues
3. Too Tight
4. Lady Love
5. Goober Dance
6. Frog Tongue Stomp
7. Blue Clarinet Stomp
8. Carpet Alley Breakdown
9. Brush Stomp
10. Galion Stomp
11. South Bound Rag
12. Memphis Shake
13. Bucktown Stomp
14. Forty And Tight
15. Brown Bottom Bess
16. Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp
17. When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo
18. Sweet Lorraine
19. Stomp Time Blues
20. Sweep ´Em Clean



"Pam" Pameijer´s New Jazz Wizards
The Music Of Louis Armstrong - Hot 5 & 7, Vol. 2
Stomp Off CD 1363, recorded in Hartford, CT, USA, 29. and 30.04.2000
Musicians: Bent Persson (co, tp), Matthias Seuffert (cl, as), Jim Snyder (tb), David Sager (tb), Keith Nichols (p, voc), John Gill (g, bjo), Vince Giordano (sb, bb), C. H. "Pam" Pameijer (dr)

1. Fireworks
2. No-one Else But You
3. Santa Claus Blues
4. Heebie Jeebies
5. Hotter Than That
6. Gully Low Blues
7. Beau Koo Jack
8. Irish Black Bottom
9. Keyhole Blues
10. No, Papa, No!
11. The Last Time
12. Potato Head Blues
13. 12th Street Rag
14. Knee Drops
15. Skip The Gutter
16. Put ´Em Down Blues
17. Two Deuces
18. Static Strut
19. Heah Me Talkin´ To Ya
20. Sunset Cafe Stomp

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