Matthias Seuffert Quartett (D)

The piano-less quartet covers traditinal to modern jazz styles. You will hear interpreations of material from the Great American Songbook (e.g. tunes written by Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart or Hoagy Carmichael) and early jazz compositions. Furthermore, the quartet presents its musicians´ own compositions.
Musicians: Matthias Seuffert (cl, ts, as, arr), Johannes Zink (g), Michael Schöneich (sb), Michael Neusser (dr)
Sound example: Sleep (MP3)
press release Matthias Seuffert Quartett

Artero-Seuffert-Quintett (F/D)

Hot, emotional music full of nuances between Swing and Modern Jazz (classical itself, meanwhile) - the quintet crosses supposed borders between different styles.
Patrick Artero (born 1950) is one of the leading jazz trumpeters worldwide. The list of musicians he has worked with reads like the "Who is who of jazz": Dizzy Gillespie, Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton, Betty Carter, Stan Getz (to name just some of them).
Musicians: Patrick Artero (tp, arr), Matthias Seuffert (cl, ts, as, arr), Johannes Zink (g), Michael Schöneich (sb), Michael Neusser (dr)

General-Anzeiger, Bonn (Januar 2004):
"world hits like "Body And Soul", "Yesterdays" or "And The Angels Swing" appeared as a unified whole - an absolutely convincing performance."

Sound examplee:
Midgets (MP3)
Yesterdays (MP3)

press release Artero-Seuffert-Quintett

Current concert program:
"100 years Coleman Hawkins and the Tenor Legacy"
press release

The Blue Rhythmakers (UK/SUI/S/D)

British Pianist Keith Nichols and Matthias Seuffert co-lead this combination of outstanding soloists from different European countries. They play newly arranged music from the late 1920ies and early 1930ies, full of nuances and colours.
Musicians: Bent Persson (tp), Matthias Seuffert (reeds), Keith Nichols (p), Martin Wheatley (g, bjo), Frans Sjöström (bass-s) plus René Hagmann (tb), Nick Ward (dr)

The Blue Rhythmakers were elected the most popular European band by a journalist votation at the Ascona Jazz Festival 2003.

Sound example: Minor Drag (MP3)

The Buck Clayton Legacy Band (UK/F/D)

Hear the great composions by ex-Basie-trumpeter Buck Clayton and some of Count Basie´s greatest hits newly arranged by Matthias Seuffert. The nine musicians are co-led by British jazz-writer and bassist Alyn Shipton and Matthias.

press release Buck Clayton Legacy Band

The Chicago Footwarmers (D)

Covering the sound of the swing combos of the 1930ies through to bebop-influenced mainstream, the six Chicago Footwarmers offer a varied program consisting of well-known standards and seldom played material.
Musicians: Christoph Wackerbarth (tb), Matthias Seuffert (reeds, arr), Eberhard Hertin (p), Johannes Zink (g), Ernst Spiekermann (sb), Marcel van Maele (dr)

Sound example: I Surrender, Dear (Duo mit Eberhard Hertin) (MP3)


Furthermore, Matthias takes a vital part in the following projects:

Trevor Richards Classic Jazz Trio: Reeds Write (UK/NL/D)

Enjoy the "melodic era" of jazz through the compositions of its reedplayers. The timeless somgs reflect 50 years of jazz history from early New Orleans Jazz through to Modern Jazz from the 1960ies, from Alcide Nunez to John Coltrane.
Musicians: Trevor Richards (dr), Matthias Seuffert (reeds), Simon Holliday (p)

Sound examplee:
Bush Street Scramble (MP3)
What Do You Want With My Heart? (MP3)
Oodles Of Noodles (MP3)

Frank Muschalle Trio plus Matthias Seuffert (A/S/D)

A varied program of swinging blues and boogie-woogie, spiced with jazzy saxophone-features and lively vocals.
Musicians: Frank Muschalle (p, voc), Daniel Gugolz (sb, voc), Peter Müller (dr), Matthias Seuffert (reeds)

To Frank Muschalle Trio

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